Doncaster Baseball Social Membership

Doncaster Baseball Club is excited to announce the launch of our new social membership, just in time for the upcoming summer season.
The social membership is a new way for non-players and players alike to get involved with the club.
Membership comes with a great bunch of inclusions and benefits, and is an awesome way to become an official member of the baseball club.
A social membership costs $50.
The membership will get you a special card and includes:
  • Eight free drinks from the bar or canteen
  • One free night at a club pizza night
  • Special offers at club functions and events

2018/19 social memberships are valid until August 31 2019.

You can sign up for the new social membership through the registrations tab.

Are you a player who has already registered for summer ball? No problem! You can still go through and purchase a social membership.

Once you've signed up, see Tom, Bransen, David or Craig to pick up your membership card!


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